The New Uptown? Dallas’ $135 Million Dollar Development Project



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The 32-year old Trammell Crow Center (TCC) is getting a full renovation that will bring a new modern look to the main lobby and street-level exterior. When complete, the project will include a new parking garage with a parking ratio of 3:1000, a 9,000 square-foot athletic center, 1.4 acres of outdoor space, a 9,000 square-foot conference center and 36,000 square feet of new retail. The improvements will transform Trammell Crow Center into a mixed-use destination that will truly create definition and connection within the Dallas Arts District.   


Neoscape_StreamRealty-TCC & 2k Ross_Hero_Ground_Level_02_FINAL.jpg

Trammell Crow Center Retail and Restaurants



The 50-story building is due for a lobby-level makeover and plans to bring new life to the street level as well. With a vision to connect business professionals to the Dallas Arts District, Trammell Crow Center is excited to update their lobby entrance with a bright and open glass entryway and a walkable plaza that extends to the street curbs.


Renovations will also include large grassy steps facing the DMA to enjoy an outdoor lunch break, as well as a 360-remodeling of Trammell Crow Center’s exterior plaza that will connect the city streets to the building, improving walkability and curb appeal.

These updates cultivate a sense of community connection, as pedestrians, downtown professionals, or Arts District visitors can stroll past the large glass entrance, stop into one of the lobby-level cafes, or enjoy the Crow Collection of Asian Art pieces sprinkled around the building’s exterior.


Trammell Crow Center will be home to a variety of large, forward-thinking companies looking to locate their employees in an innovative office building within a thriving district (maybe even your company). The goal is to create an ideal work-life balance, where the transition from day to night is seamless. Trammell Crow Center will be business destination during the day, but serve as an evening destination within the Arts District as well. From hitting the fitness center after work to company-wide happy hours, the updates to Trammell Crow Center and addition of 2000 Ross will provide a reason to stay in the downtown area past 5 p.m.    


Tenants at Trammell Crow Center will continue to enjoy on-site dry cleaning, concierge, shoe shine, company wine lockers, and on-site car wash and detail. In addition to the number of restaurants in the Arts District, TCC is creating a convenient lunch hour with a new, surprise eatery coming to the ground level. For more information on office lease opportunities at Trammell Crow Center, space availability can be found on their website.



Stream Realty has also announced the expansion of the project to include a vibrant mixed-use project on the adjacent site. The expansion will feature 26,000 square feet of new restaurant space, a 200-room boutique hotel, and a 400-unit residential component. This property will be directly across the street from Trammell Crow Center and will become an iconic location in downtown Dallas. These two development projects coming to downtown Dallas are starting to shape the community into what could soon be considered as “The New Uptown”.




Trammell Crow Center Interior (left) and 2000 Ross (right)


Dallas’ urban core is looking for a reason to stick around past the work hours, and the Arts District is soon to be the hub for day to night entertainment. The difference at Trammell Crow Center will be night and day.


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