Smart Buildings, Smart Experience: What Technology to Expect From Trammell Crow Center

Imagine uninterrupted cell service wherever you go, including underground and in elevators. Or, picture driving into a parking garage where smart lights alert you to open spots. What if your elevator had a high-tech touchpad guaranteeing you would never have to pile into a crowded car or stop at every floor?


Consider the redesigned Trammell Crow Center, where each of these smart building features — and many more — will soon be a reality for downtown Dallas locals.


The primary goal behind the redevelopment of Trammell Crow Center is to maintain its iconic nature while rebooting the design with a focus on clean lines, modern materials, and new smart building features. And smart buildings are on the rise, primarily because connected technology solutions offer more than just improved consumer experience. In fact, technology offers increased efficiency and cost savings.


Keep an eye out for these three technology solutions that will transform the way downtown Dallas locals live and work.


Innovative Elevators

When you think of elevators, innovation typically is not the first thing to come to mind. But innovative elevators are exactly what you can expect to find at Trammell Crow Center.


The development of smart buildings is driving the need for high-tech elevators that boost efficiency and save passengers valuable time. A common pain point for high-rise downtown Dallas buildings is the wait-time for elevators and stopping on every floor before reaching your destination. For commercial real estate developments, this issue is even further compounded as thousands of tenants and professionals come and go through the building.


If you are looking for a virtual concierge, look no further than Trammell Crow Center. The redesigned building will feature Otis CompassPlus Elevators, a smart system that allows passengers to enter their floor onto a sleek touchpad. The elevator then calculates the quickest travel time to the desired floor and assigns an elevator. It directs users to their destination with fewer stops and less waiting than conventional elevators. No more pacing in the lobby or showing up late to that morning meeting. Some users even reported the Otis smart elevators are 50 percent faster, which will be a huge benefit for Trammell Crow Center tenants and professionals in the 50-floor redesigned building.


Additionally, the CompassPass also provides easy security integration. The system is designed to interface with numerous security providers and can accommodate external or built-in security ID readers.


Wireless Connectivity — Anytime, Anywhere

It is estimated that 80 percent of mobile traffic is originated or terminated within a building, which makes in-building wireless connectivity a vital amenity. Imagine having wireless service everywhere you go — from the deep levels of the parking garage, to the elevator bays, to your office desk.

Distributed Antenna Systems

Trammell Crow Center will feature distributed antenna systems (DAS) throughout the building. Simply put, DAS is a network of unobtrusive antennas connected to a common source that provides wireless service indoors and outdoors. Gone are the days of dropped calls in the elevator or “failed to send” text alerts in the parking garage. DAS is designed to provide cellular voice, WiFi, and data coverage in locations where service is typically lost.

Charging Pads

While DAS ensures downtown Dallas locals stay connected at all times, how can they keep their phones powered up? That’s where Trammell Crow Center’s charging pads will come into play. The redesigned building will include a 3,000-square-foot lounge with charging stations located throughout, allowing users to charge up when needed.


Smart Parking Garages

Smart technology is not limited to building features; parking garages are also being innovated through a combination of data analytics, way-finding, and the Internet of Things technologies. Trammell Crow Center’s new parking garage on Ross Avenue, for example, will feature a parking guidance system made by Parking Sense that notifies drivers of available parking spaces – a huge time-saver for multi-level garages. Through the new parking guidance system, Trammell Crow Center tenants will be able to efficiently navigate the garage with the help of digital signage displaying the number of available spaces per level, red and green sensors above each space that indicate whether spots are occupied or vacant, and a mobile app that will allow tenants to research what the parking availability is in the garage on any given day before leaving their house. 


Many airports and large shopping centers have already implemented this technology, and now downtown Dallas tenants and professionals can also experience the convenience and efficiency of smart garages.


Learn More!

There are unlimited opportunities for commercial real estate buildings to implement new features so they can solve their tenants’ biggest pain points and frustrations. Constant connectivity as well as convenience and efficiency are game-changers for the downtown locals, and Trammell Crow Center intends to be at the forefront of this innovation.


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