Office Workspace Trends that Attract a Top Talent


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Office trends are changing for the better in 2017, between more flexible workspaces and sleek technology-driven designs, businesses are remodeling with the employee in mind. Millennials and GenZ are major influencers in this shift. They are leading the technological revolution, changing the face of business, and influencing the physical workplace. Here are a few trends companies should consider following as we move into 2017:

Trend #1 – Technology & Wireless Designs

Not all office space trends are immediately noticeable, some changes are behind the walls. As office spaces are shifting to a more modern look, companies are finding it important to carry that look all the way to the wires. Many businesses are moving TV and computer wires behind desks and walls to create a clutter-free, clean working space. Manufacturers have caught onto this trend and have developed modern desks and conference tables that are designed to hide cables, perfect for a trendy workspace.


Smart technology is also on the rise and 70% of millennials believe that smarter offices lead to more efficient and team-focused environments. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming important to the modern workplace as well; 62% of workers are looking forward to the future of AI and how it will improve their jobs. It is crucial for your company to stay updated on the latest technologies and not fall behind in the race, as it will keep your employees productive and your company competitive.



Trend #2 – Flexible Office Designs

Open offices are on the out; make way for flexible office designs.  Flexible office designs allow employees to move their office space around according to their liking, and doesn’t tie them down to one view or angle. Along the same lines, companies are offering lounge areas that include softer sitting areas that are perfect for breakout sessions, lunch breaks, and individuals looking to work comfortably. These areas also promote relaxation, and create a more enjoyable work experience for employees. Keeping your employees happy will generate higher profits, benefiting not only the company, but your overall office morale. From increased focus to positive culture, there are many benefits of having happy employees in your workplace.


Office spaces are also becoming bold with bright pops of orange, turquoise, and green. Painting rooms different colors throughout your office will keep it visually interesting, and will maintain a calm atmosphere. But make sure to stick with color pallets that improve mood and productivity. Pops of color, whether on the walls or on the furniture, will have the same positive effect on office morale. Colorful and flexible office spaces are sure to make your company attractive to potential and current employees, and improve overall attitude.



Innocent Drinks Office in London

Trend #3 – Bring the Outdoors In

Do you love the sound of a crackling fire or the freshness of green plants? So do your employees. There is a big push in office space design to bring the outdoors in. Between potted plants, reclaimed wood, and fire pits, office spaces are getting warm and cozy. The Human Spaces in ‘The Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace’, claims:


…employees who work in environments with natural elements [plants, natural light, etc.] report a 15% higher level of wellbeing, are 6% more productive and 15% more creative overall.”


Eight-hour workdays in front of a computer can be tedious, but bringing the outdoors in can bring pleasure, relaxation, and purification to your office space making the days enjoyable for everyone. An inexpensive and easy first step is buying plants, which can include green plants and shrubbery, as well as flowers. They remove excess carbon dioxide and other unwanted gases from the atmosphere, and according to Ambius they remove 87% of air toxins within 24 hours.


It was also discovered that 15% more ideas were generated by people who work in an office with plants, and they worked 12% faster. Open the blinds, and let the sun shine through, see what a little vitamin-D can do for your company’s productivity and positivity. AVG Architecture and Interiors, Homepolish and Innocent Drinks are three companies that are effectively bringing the outdoors in.



AVG Architecture and Interiors

Trend #4 – Working, Playing, and Lounging Merge

There are no rules to the work, play, lounge balance, so why not create an environment that people look forward to working in? Adding more enjoyable features can actually increase productivity because when people feel good they work well too. Some ideas to create this balance would be to incorporate a foosball table, a popcorn machine, or a few inviting couches. Companies that integrate fun into the office space are around 15% more innovative and they experience higher net profits. Millennials are not only looking for a more diverse work environment, but they are also interested in work/life balance, and are generally unhappy at offices that fall short of their expectations. PWC found that:


“The work/life balance has always been a priority for millennials and this year’s results reinforce that view, with 95% of respondents saying the work/life balance is important to them and 70% saying it’s very important.”


There is a company that incorporates delicious snacks, innovative outdoors spaces, and a gaming area, all while maintaining productive and healthy employees. What company are we referring to? Google; a $527 Billion empire that puts employee happiness on the forefront. Google is one of the most successful businesses in the United States, and a good source of inspiration when making changes around your office. Take a tour of their new London office here.



Google London Office

Trend #5 – Office Wellness

Office wellness refers to improving the basic elements of your office such as sunlight exposure, water, airflow, creative lighting and sit-stand desks. Studies show that sitting down all day is bad for our health, and can cause long-term problems. Sit-stand desks allow workers to stand up periodically throughout the day causing employees to maintain high energy and avoid aches. Companies from Bazaarvoice in Austin, Texas to Google and Facebook in Silicon Valley are embracing the stand-up desks.


A smart move would be for companies to become certified through WELL. This standard is distributed based on 7 criteria: air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort, and mind. Focusing on these elements will create a better work environment for everyone in the company and help attract top talent who’s interested in well-being in the workplace.


For commercial real estate buildings, you can get LEED certified in a number of areas, and even after construction. The LEED certification shows your buildings commitment to using sustainable energy sources and materials. Since we spend most of our time indoors, it is important to bring outside elements in that are essential for humans to thrive and cater to the long term health of you and your employees.



Bazaarvoice Office in Austin, TX

The Trammell Crow Center

The Trammell Crow Center (TCC) is currently undergoing renovations in order to cater to what potential tenants are seeking. In 2018, TCC plans on adding more parking, modern elevators, 34,000 SF of retail, a 9,000 SF conference center, a 9,000 SF athletic club, and more outdoor green space. TCC also offers walkability to the Dallas Museum of Art, Nasher Sculpture Museum, Klyde Warren and a number of lunch spots in Dallas. Stay updated on TCC exclusive pictures and updates on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Tenants who are looking to lease are in search for offices that offer an open layout, modern features, and offer walkability to nearby restaurants, to name a few. Incorporating large windows in your office space design will not only bring the outdoors into the office, but it will also create the modern and inspirational look that potential tenants are looking for.


Stay modern with your office space and keep an eye out for new trends coming to office design!