Inside The Crow Collection of Asian Art



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Opened in December of 1998, the Trammell and Margaret Crow Collection of Asian Art has been a fixture of the Dallas Arts District scene for nearly two decades. Directly across from the Nasher Sculpture Center, the Crow Collection was envisioned as an effort to share a love of Asian art and culture, and bridge the cultural gap between Eastern and Western societies.

crow-collection-asian-art.jpgThe collection features a selection of arts from China, Japan, Indonesia and Southeast Asia, and is one of only a handful of museums nationwide with a focus on Asian art.

The History of the Museum

The Crow family bought their first piece of Asian art in the 1960s and traveled extensively to China in the late-1970s and on. However, they were forced to develop their 4,000+ piece collection through private acquisition due to strict export rules. Of this, 569 pieces were selected for permanent feature at the museum while the remaining pieces are scattered across the family’s various holdings. The museum stemmed from the family’s desire to keep the collection together and share their love of Asian art with the public. As a result, the Trammell Crow Center was redesigned and renovated to accommodate the collection and meet the needs of displayed such old and valuable art to the public.

The Museum Experience

The museum is free to the public with suggested donations of $7 for adults and $5 for children and seniors.


The museum hours are as followed, not including special holidays:

       Tuesday – Thursday: 10AM – 9PM

       Friday and Saturday: 10AM – 6PM

       Sunday: Noon – 6PM

The Gallery consists of three main spaces of art. Gallery I on the first floor displays primarily Japanese art, with an exception for some special exhibitions. Gallery II and III are on the second floor of the museum, connected by the skybridge, and display Chinese and Southeast Asian works respectively. With transitioning art exhibits, there’s always something new to catch at the galleries!




As a New Yorker living in China (Cherney) and as a Chinese-American living in the U.S. (Chang), both challenge categorizations of Chinese and American art and identity in today’s increasingly globalized world.

The outdoor garden and fountain sit central to the museum space and leads into the Trammell Crow Center. As visitors trail the zen exteriors of Trammell Crow Center, art sculptures, water features, and interactive pieces are found on every corner.

In addition to exhibitions, the museum hosts a regular series of lectures and workshops, some at additional cost, for the public to enjoy. Visit the Crow Collection’s Facebook page to view upcoming event dates and details.

Whether stepping out for lunch at Trammell Crow Center or simply visiting the Dallas Arts District, there’s always time to admire the beloved Crow Collection.