How to Cultivate Workplace Well-Being



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Americans are on the job more than many other countries. We work 137 more hours per year than the Japanese, 260 more hours than the British, and 499 more than the French, on average. According to the 2013 study from the International Labor Organization, 85.8 percent of American men and 66.5 percent of American women work more than 40 hours per week.


Workplace well-being initiatives and practices are more important than ever. Not only will it make for happier employees, but more creative, productive and loyal employees. Well-being is a well rounded approach that focuses on enabling employees to take full advantage of their resources. With so many initiatives that companies can apply to improve well-being, it’s important to discover what works best with your company and its culture.


Well-Being Initiatives For Your Company

A simple first step to improve a workplace well-being would be to send out a Happiness At Work survey, which tests a company’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to workplace well-being. The survey would provide insight into individual well-being throughout your organization, and will help you decide which of the following initiative to implement next.

Encourage Exercise

In a study U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, nearly 60 percent of American employees don’t get adequate exercise. In order to increase the amount of exercise your employees are getting, encourage them to use the stairs, provide maps that route good lunch-time walks, or provide an on-site fitness center. Increasing the physical activity of your employees will increase well-being by improving overall health and productivity.



Stimulate Social Value

It is also important to create social value for your employees, which includes a company newsletter, team-building meetings, or annual events. Social value is the importance people place on changes in their life, and is especially important in organizations. Each person in your company may place a different level of importance on their social value, and what one person finds value in, another may not. Try a variety of methods to appeal to employee social value and in turn increase well-being. Discover more initiatives that you can try in your company:


15 Corporate Well-Being Initiatives


Impact of Well-Being Initiatives

When companies focus on employee well-being they will see an improvement in their employee morale and company success. Companies promoting well-being are 2.5 times more likely to be a top performer, 3.5 times more likely to be creative and innovative and 4 times less likely to lose talent in the next year. As for employees, they are 8 times more likely to be engaged in an environment that promotes well-being.


Promote well-being to be…

2x more likely to be a top performer

3.5x more likely to be creative and innovative

4x less likely to lose talent in next year


Initially, a few well-being initiatives can cause your company to incur additional costs. According to the Harvard Business Review, Johnson & Johnson’s wellness initiatives saved them $250 million in healthcare costs over the past decade, making the costs well worth it. Additionally, millennials – who will make up the majority of the workforce by 2020 – are more likely to work for companies that demonstrate commitment to workplace well-being.


The Positive Environment of the Arts District



Dallas Arts District


Bringing the topic a little closer to home, the Arts District in Dallas offers a stimulating environment that promotes happiness,  including lunchtime activities that will further workplace, and general, well-being. The Dallas Museum of Art and the Nasher Sculpture Museum not only offer serene surroundings, but also thought-provoking pieces of artwork that are good for personal reflection and creativity boosts. There are also healthy food options – the DMA Cafe and the Nasher Cafe by Wolfgang Puck – located within the museums, allowing you to appreciate artwork over your lunch break.


For a nature filled mid-day break, or post-work relaxation, head to Klyde Warren Park. There is always something going on, giving your day the perfect balance of relaxation and fun. Overall, the Art District is full of enjoyable activities throughout the day that will benefit your well-being both in the workplace and at home.

What are you doing to stimulate well-being in the workplace? Don’t hesitate to look to your surroundings for answers as a start. But most importantly, love where you work.