Benefits of an Office in the Dallas Arts District


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The Dallas Arts District is going through a resurgence, and development in the area is booming. But as businesses keep a watchful eye on office space that pops up, the question becomes “Why the Arts District?” For many locals, the Dallas Arts District may be remembered as a fairly dead area, but in recent years, it has grown into a cultural hub.

A Revitalized Region

Over the years, perception of the Arts District has lagged, and businesses have escaped to the more favorably viewed Uptown area. However within recent years, the tides have shifted. Concepted in the 1970s as a centralized area for the arts in Dallas, the Arts District was perceived for many years only as a museum and theater destination. However, with the growth of Downtown Dallas development and the addition of Klyde Warren Park in 2012, the Arts District area has seen a revival in commercial development and foot traffic. A more aggressive approach to arts programming (such as free general admission at the Dallas Museum of Art) and the addition of free programming at Klyde Warren has made hustle and bustle in the area far more regular. Businesses have noticed.


Accompanying this recent boom are new dining additions. Concepts like Flora Street Cafe and Lark on the Park have created much needed options in the area, and new additions keep coming. A much anticipated restaurant, Musumé, is slated for opening in the Hall Arts building this November, and Corrientes 348 is planned for a late spring/early summer opening at 1807 Ross. With these developments, the Arts District is slowly transitioning from solely an arts destination to a full blown entertainment experience.

The Advantages of a Centralized Office Space

Advantages of an Arts District location over an Uptown one may seem minimal at first, but there’s a lot of nuance at play. For example, while construction and density make traffic a challenge in both areas, public transit accessibility gives the Arts District an upper hand. As younger generations eschew cars for alternative modes of transportation, the Arts District has a distinct advantage. And for those unwilling to give up their motor vehicles, the perks of a downtown parking garage can translate well into your evening or weekend plans, as dining and entertainment is in close proximity.


Similarly, while the Uptown area has pushed a new urbanism vibe focused on “village living” with  centralized shopping, housing, and dining, much of that dining is a far cry from the standards of office or business lunch. Instead, Uptown skews more towards the standard happy hour joint, with spatterings of pub food rather than the fine dining options designed to impress. Options in and around the Arts District are far more varied, and far more walkable. Within a reasonable distance are the food courts at the Plaza of the Americas and 1700 Pacific, as well as the numerous options at the ground floors of many local businesses. With widespread choices nearby, it becomes simpler for employees to take lunch without the ordeal of driving and parking, which can’t always be said for Uptown locations.


Perhaps the most overlooked advantage of an Arts District office space is the nearby green space. Proximity to Klyde Warren Park and other landscaped outdoor areas such as the DMA statue garden and Sammons Park gives employees the opportunity to step away and relax. A number of studies even suggest that exposure to nature can improve employee health and increase productivity!

Continued Growth

Renovations to the Trammell Crow Center, as well as the additions of residential, retail, and restaurant growth at 2000 Ross promise a continued transformation of the Dallas Arts District. With the addition of these entertainment destinations, the Arts District can expect to see a boom in businesses relocating, further transforming the area into the perfect space for employees to enjoy the work-life balance it offers.


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