Baker Botts LLP: A Trammell Crow Center Loyal Tenant



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High-profile businesses are clinging to the Dallas Arts District for an agile environment of work and entertainment. Trammell Crow Center (TCC) – built in 1985 and located in the heart of the Arts District – is getting a plethora of updates and added features bringing even more for businesses to enjoy. Some of the new additions will include a 9,000 square foot fitness center, 34,000 square feet of retail, and a 9,000 square foot conference center.

The Arts District: On the up and up 

While Uptown seems to be the move for many Dallas-based law firms, Baker Botts LLP – a 176-year-old law firm – has decided to stay in Trammell Crow Center thanks to its upcoming renovations. Baker Botts has been leasing office space in TTC since it opened in 1985, but started small with about 20 employees, growing now to about 311 employees. Since Baker Botts founding in 1840, they have grown to be a leading international firm in Austin, Baku, Dallas, Houston, London, Moscow, New York, Riyadh and Washington. Visit their website to read their full story.


Trammell Crow Center’s recent plans to renovate attracted Baker Botts to move forward with a lease renewal. The growth within the Arts District was also an attractive aspect for the law firm. Tim Durst, partner in charge of Baker Botts’ Dallas office stated:


“Downtown Dallas and the Arts District are evolving, and we want to continue to be at the forefront of that change. Lawyers are attracted to high-quality and agile work environments.”


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When looking to attract talent, businesses understand location is key to staying competitive. Baker Botts employees will be able to enjoy company wine lockers, a world-class fitness center, remarkable walkability to the entertainment within the Arts District, Uptown, and Downtown.


Downtown Dallas is also getting a number of new mixed-use high rises, as well as multifamily complexes. The Arts District holds orchestra concerts, opera shows, theater shows, festivals, and museums, adding a sense of culture and fine arts to a business-oriented hub. With the Trammell Crow Center renovations and the 2000 Ross development, the Arts District will only continue to be on the up-and-up, acting as a competitive location for businesses. Companies residing in TCC, like Baker Botts, are upgrading their offices as well:


“Our new office design, together with Trammell Crow Center’s planned redesign, underscores our commitment to providing workspace that matches the quality of our clients and our people,” as stated by Durst.


Trammell Crow Center Office

Trammell Crow Center is developing with the times, and with its tenant’s needs. TCC is keeping modern trends, accessibility, convenience, and business needs in mind when planning its new renovation. Stream Realty Partner’s Ramsey March says:


“The firm’s long-term commitment sends a strong message about the future of the building and Ross Avenue. We look forward to watching them transform their office space as we transform the building around them.”


Visit our website for more information on space availability, or to get in touch with Stream Realty about any questions you may have about Trammell Crow Center.

Original press release on Baker Botts can be found at Dallas News.