Meet the World-Famous Artists Coming to TCC

As Trammell Crow Center renovation is nearing the end, final touches will be going in to complete the updated space.


World-famous artists will be debuting their masterpieces starting June 15, 2019. Take a look at the art coming to Trammell Crow Center and learn about the concepts behind each piece.




Philippe Decrauzat


By synchronizing lines in overlapping, interwoven motifs, Philippe Decrauzat pushes perceptions beyond the bounds of an image to affect a spatial presence.


Through a variety of media––wall paintings, shaped canvases, sculptures, films, and installations––Decrauzat embeds iconic references from architecture, cinema, literature and graphics, enriching his conceptual endeavor.





Marela Zacarias


Working with a labor-intensive process that merges sculpture with painting, Marela Zacarias fabricates forms out of wire screening attached to wooden supports or found objects to which she applies layers of plaster to create undulating forms. Her work is characterized by an interest in site specificity, socially committed history, and current events.


“Each installation has been more stunning and innovative than the next and has consistently been the largest project of the participating artist’s career.”





Dennis Koch


Affectionately described as “delightfully nutty,” Koch creates a psychedelic world with his geometric art. His colorful pieces depict emotion, excitement, and energy, all through his medium of choice— a simple colored pencil.





Pae White


Blending fine art with everyday objects, Pae White is one of the most interesting and innovative new artists of our time.


Pae’s work isn’t what it seems— the scale and history of the tapestries (her medium of choice) allows “cotton to fantasize about being something more.”


“This grandiosity of making high theater out of this basic, humble material is something I love.”


Pae’s use of familiar objects creates a unique experience, and we’re bringing that same curious aura to Trammell Crow Center.





Jacob Hashimoto


World-renowned artist Jacob Hashimoto creates order and art amidst chaos.


The New York-based artist draws on his Japanese heritage, creating three-dimensional structures such as wall hangings comprising thousands of mesmerizing ‘kites’.





Jeremy Thomas


Jeremy Thomas uses an uncommon technique to create geometric sculptures that involves heating a steel plate to 2800 degrees and injecting pressurized air to grow the organic shapes.


Color is often used with industrial materials to identify and characterize; however, Thomas uses color and raw materials to re-appropriate them from commercial contexts to that of fine art.



We are very eager to see these jaw-dropping pieces go into the improved Trammell Crow Center!


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Mark Your Calendars: Here’s What’s Going on in the Arts District

The Dallas Arts District is the largest contiguous urban arts district in the nation with over 4 million visitors annually. This doesn’t include the daytime population that inhabits the office buildings of the district, including of course, the redesigned and renovated Trammell Crow Center. But let’s say you’re working at Trammell Crow Center and you’d like to stick around after work to grab a bite to eat, a drink (or two), and then catch a show? You’re in luck. Not only are there a plethora of amazing restaurant and cocktail options just a quick walk away, you’re also right next to some of the best entertainment venues like the Winspear Opera House, the Wyly Theater, the Meyerson Symphony Center, the Moody Performance Hall, and many more.


We’re going to preview what’s in store in and around the Arts District for the next few months so that you can plan ahead (and know which mornings you may not want to schedule that early morning client meeting). While there are many amazing shows coming up in the next month or two, here are the ones we’re especially excited about:


February 12  – February 17 – Falsettos at the Winspear Opera House


February 19 – Dallas Chamber Symphony presents Piazzolla’s Four Seasons at the Moody Performance Hall


March 6 – April 14 – The Wolves at the Dallas Theater Center


March 15 – The Chieftans at Strauss Square


March 15 – March 17 – Blinded – Turtles Rock Out! at the Moody Performance Hall


For more shows, events, and activities, check out