An Interview with Melissa Grobmyer


Trammell Crow Center is embarking on a sweeping renovation and expansion that will transform it into a mixed-use destination. As the renovation wraps up, the final touches are being put into place.


We had the chance to interview Melissa Grobmyer, President and Founder of MKG Art Management, to discuss the new eye-catching and unique art installations that will be going in Trammell Crow Center.


Can you tell us a little about your background and how you got interested in art?


I earned my Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from The University of Texas and was always interested in the art world—it was almost like a secret society that I wanted to break into and understand. When I studied abroad in college, I realized that there was an even larger art world out there that was intriguing to me. That inspired me to get more involved in the art business by moving to NYC and working in galleries there. Later I returned to Texas and began art consulting.


Tell us about MKG Art and what your role is.


I’m the founder and president of MKG Art Management located in Houston, Texas. I started the business 21 years ago out of the front bedroom in my house. We have now grown to four partners and three associates, with clientele throughout the US.The business has two parts. Half of it consists of art consulting where we work with private and corporate collectors. The other half of it is fine art and estate appraising. So we have a two-pronged business.



What has you most excited about the art installations going into TCC?


All of the art at TCC is very dynamic and bold and utilizes unusual materials to achieve its effect. The Trammell Crow Center committee embraced the idea of putting art in the building that sort of grabs you. They wanted art that wasn’t just decorative but something that really would excite people. Everything that we’re putting in the building is very surprising in terms of what it’s made out of and the effect that it has. For example, the Hashimoto lobby pieces are made of eight layers of paper and bamboo kites. It’s really beautiful and lush and dynamic, and it’s totally engaging for people when they see it.


Did you recommend these specific pieces, or did you direct them to this art?


When you are working with a committee, you have to find what everybody can agree on. We look at art in different styles and genres to discover common interests. For TCC in particular, because of its position within the city, it was very important that we place art that fits in with the dynamic of what is going on in Dallas and is in sync with the nearby Dallas Museum of Art, The Nasher, and The Crow Museums. The art had to be something that held its own but also complimented the area.


Are there one or two in particular artists that you really like and have worked with before?

I’m very excited for the Pae White installation, because I’ve wanted to work with her for years. I’ve been seeing her work at art fairs for 10 or 15 years and I still remember the first time I saw one of her tapestries. So I am thrilled to place the Pae White pieces in the elevator banks of Trammell Crow Center.


What is your favorite project you’ve ever worked on?


I’ve been fortunate to have worked on some spectacular projects in my career. But to be able to take such an important building in a major city like Trammell Crow Center and to start an art program from scratch is a great opportunity. It’s been a lot of fun for me. I’m also extremely excited to visit Dallas while the installations are going up and see our ideas come to life.


Trammell Crow Center’s new art installations will be installed this summer.


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