An Interview With Adam Jones






Adam Jones, Dallasite and artist, is the creator of stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces of Dallas-inspired art that can be seen in the Stream offices at our very own Trammell Crow Center. He has been creating art for years, pulling inspiration from his time spent in Trammell Crow Center as well as the Dallas Arts District. Adam shared a behind-the-scenes look with us into the inspiration and process that went into the creation of these stunning art additions to the space. Read on to learn more about Adam and his work.


Meet adam

How does working at Trammell Crow Center inspire you?


What inspires me about Trammell Crow Center is the history of the building. Being in the real estate world, the name Trammell Crow sells itself it’s the best of the best.


How did you get started creating art?


I was trained classically in painting as well as all studio art, but my style has turned into more of a modern concept with pop art.


What motivated you to create a piece for Stream’s Offices?


My inspiration for this artwork in the building all started with Streamthey remodeled the 4th floor of Trammell Crow Center. I pitched my artistic capabilities as a Stream employee, and thought it would bring a little bit of extra spice to the space. In good faith they allowed me to come up with some creative ideas and designs.


How does working in the Dallas Arts District influence your work?


I think art really improves the work space by just bringing it life. Just being in the Arts District has obviously been a huge inspiration to me. The location is perfect. Everything from the DMA to the Nasher — I’m surrounded by the best artists in the world.



The dallas arts district 

Just like Adam, Trammell Crow Center stays true to the rich culture, history, and creative expression embodied by the Dallas Arts District— the largest contiguous urban arts district in the nation. Home to remarkable art installations, world-renowned museums, award-winning architecture, iconic restaurants, and lush parks and greenery, the Dallas Arts District is a picturesque hub of innovation and design.



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