7 Midday Workouts to Try During Your Lunch Break


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Finding the time and motivation for a midday workout is a challenge for a lot of workers. Maybe you don’t have access to a gym, or maybe you just don’t want to get sweaty. Whatever the case, studies show that a midday day workout can make you happier and more productive throughout the rest of the day. If you aren’t one to wake up at 5 AM for an early morning workout, or if you’re too tired after work for an evening run, then consider a midday workout. Simply 30 minutes is all you need — giving you plenty of time to eat lunch and return to the office.

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1 ) Elliptical

Ellipticals work not only your lower body, like a treadmill, but they also work your upper body. This allows you to get a full body workout in half the time. It is much easier on your joints then a treadmill, and you are able to multitask due to more controlled movements. Practice your pitch for your next business meeting, catch up on the some email or get some personal Facebook scrolling done — all while running on the elliptical. There are a variety of movements and levels that you can use on an elliptical depending on your exercise needs.

20-minute HIIT Elliptical Workout

2 ) Yoga

Yoga is often a low-sweat workout that helps with flexibility, strength, and toning, and increases energy and athletic performance. Yoga routines can be as short at 10 minutes, giving you time to do one or two more exercises before heading back to the office. It’s the perfect exercise to give your mind a break and reset your focus and energy during the day.

10-minute Yoga Exercise

15-minute Yoga Exercise


3 ) Circuit Training

You will definitely break a sweat with circuit training, but you will also burn tons of calories and boost your energy for the rest of the day. Circuit training includes a series of aerobic movements and can be completed in various amounts of time. Timing depends on the fitness and skill level of that individual.


Short and Intense Circuit Training


4 ) Supersets

A superset is when a person does two exercises back to back with little-to-no rest in between each set. Not only do you build muscle, but you save time. Alternating between upper and lower body workouts can give you a full body workout in half the time, burn more calories, and improve your cardiovascular health.


Superset Workout Plan


5 ) Stationary Bike

Stationary bikes are effective ways to burn a large amount of calories in a short amount of time. They are often overlooked equipment in the gym, but they are great for midday calorie burns and energy boosts.

30-minute Stationary Bike Workout


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6 ) Staircase

This workout requires no equipment, only a good pair of running shoes and a wide open staircase. Set your own pace and feel free to throw in a few lunges every now and then. It is also a good idea to skip the elevator and use the stairs on your way to the office. If you are on a floor that is too high for stairs, take the elevator halfway and then take the stairs the rest of the way. Taking the stairs in lieu of the elevator improves your lungs and heart, allowing more oxygen and blood flow throughout your body.


32-Minute Staircase Workout

15-Minute Staircase Workout


7 ) No-Sweat Deskercise

If you can’t leave your desk a few days of the week, or something comes up, you can still fit some activity into your daily routine. There are exercises you can do that will produce little-to-no sweat and will still boost productivity and creativity:

5 Desk Exercises for Anytime

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To make sure you get the best out of your midday workout, listen to some upbeat music. Depending on your workout, you can adjust the tempo so you stay on track and get a boost of energy. These apps make it easy to choose the right tempo and the right music for any workout:


Rock My Run


The key to a midday workout is plan it like you would any other meeting or appointment throughout your day. If you plan ahead for it, you are more likely to do it. Bring a gym bag to work, and pack your lunch so you can eat after your workout, even if it runs long. Sitting all day has harmful effects on our body: it increases our risk for heart disease by 64%, shaves seven years off of our life, and increases our risk for cancer. Invest some time in these short midday workouts and improve your health now and into the future.