5 Ways to Stay Motivated at Work



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Finding motivation at work can be challenging at times. With constant distractions, days with endless meetings, and exhaustion from feeling overworked, y

our daily drive may be fading. Furthermore, it can be difficult to get back into the groove once you’ve lost focus. With a few tips however, you can reclaim your motivation.

Set your goals 

Start small. Setting one large goal can often feel overwhelming, so try to set multiple small goals for yourself for the week, month, and year to help track your progress along the way. However, try not to make them too easy. Create goals that are both achievable yet challenging; you won’t feel motivated if you’re too comfortable.


Managing your goals in an organized way will make sure you aren’t overpowered by your agenda. If organization isn’t your strong suit, categorize your goals by using Trello, a web-based project management application that specializes in prioritizing projects. You can separate your goals based on their deadlines, and even color code projects to help you prioritize. Ultimately, you will be able to stay on top of your work, and feel inspired in the process.


Create an inspiring environment


As they say, inspiration can come from anywhere. Your environment plays a key role in your productivity, so make it your own. Find what inspires you and make it a point to integrate it into your work area.


Do you focus better while listening to your favorite Spotify playlist? Play it. Does your family motivate you to work harder? Arrange their photos on your desk. Do you love the office view of The Arts District? Sit near a window. Studies show the poor work environments can lead to poor decision making and decreased faith in your product. How can you be motivated to work for a product if you don’t believe in it? Your inspiration may come from a variety of places, and incorporating them into your workspace will increase your focus and productivity.


Request feedback

Receiving constructive criticism from your superiors can be a win-win if you have a positive attitude. If your superior tells you that you did a great job, the feedback acts as a confidence booster and can motivate you to produce more work. Similarly, constructive criticism can impact the quality of your work by pushing you to do better the next time, and helps you practice open communication.


In order to ensure you are receiving honest feedback, be upfront with your coworkers that you would like the truth, as it only improves the quality of your work. In return, try to understand without judgment. Criticism is usually hard to hear, so work on being open minded to the thoughts and opinions of your colleagues, and reach for what you can learn from them.


Take a break

Staring at a computer screen all day can make your brain feel like it’s shutting down. Taking a break from your work is a great way to energize your focus and allow your ideas to flow. The average office worker spends almost 6 hours at their desk per day. This not only impacts your mental health, but your physical health as well. Finding ways to get out of your desk chair during the workday can reap benefits for your overall well-being.


This is achieved pretty easily! Walking just 20 minutes on your lunch break can improve mood and increase energy. Try going to that coffee shop that’s two blocks farther from the office. If you’re in the Arts District, stretch your legs and walk through Klyde Warren Park for fresh air and the natural scenery. Simply spending those 20 minutes stretching your legs and changing your view can provide new perspective, improving your motivation for the rest of the day.




Get some sleep! An integral part of remaining motivated throughout the workday is making sure you are well-rested from the night before. Studies suggest getting seven hours of sleep per night can improve memory, creativity, and attention, which are all vital in producing high-quality work.


If you have trouble falling asleep at night, go the music route. Sleep is an iOS feature that plays relaxing music to help you fall asleep. Or, try Sleep Cycle, an iOS and Android feature that manages your sleep phases and wakes you up feeling naturally rested. This app is especially great if you’re guilty of hitting the snooze button one too many times.


By utilizing these five tips, you will reclaim your motivation at work and get back your drive.