5 Ways to Maintain Energy Throughout the Workday



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Don’t let the monotony of the day keep you from being energized, productive, and motivated. Here are 5 ways to maintain your energy throughout the workday.

1 | Wake Up Right

One of the most effective ways to stay energized from the start to the end of your work day is to wake up right. While it’s important to get on a schedule and sleep around 8 hours a night, waking up right is what makes a great day. There are a number of ways to wake up, and there is not one way that works for everyone. For instance, the new i0S feature, Bedtime, is designed to help you get a better night sleep. Track your sleeping habits and receive notification reminders to keep your sleep patterns regulated. Or, try a few of the techniques recommended by Kevin Roose and find the one that puts a little “pep in your step”.


Prior to waking up, it is important to have a good breakfast. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Something as simple as a peanut butter and banana sandwich will do. Eating the right breakfast will not only energize you, but will keep you full until lunch. Snacking before lunch is generally considered mindless snacking, and can lead to weight gain. Instead, wait until lunch, or at least three to five hours after breakfast to eat again.

2 | Hydrate Frequently

Ah, the joys of coffee. It’s the warm, inviting cup of joe that gets most of us up and running every morning. But it may not be the most effective beverage to keep you productive and motivated throughout the day. Sure, you can enjoy a cup every now and then, but to get the most out of your day, start with a glass of coconut water or kombucha to avoid an unhealthy dependence on coffee.


Drinking water throughout your day is key to staying energized, as well. An increase in water consumption can reduce fatigue, improve your mood, and flush out toxins. In order to maintain a healthy body, it is recommended that a man drink 13 cups and a woman drink 9 cups per day. Set a reminder to get up every hour to refill your water bottle — this will get you up and moving and remind you to actively drink water throughout the day!


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3 | Enjoy Some Sunshine

Getting out of the office and enjoying some sunshine is great for productivity as well. And, this will carry over into your life outside of the office as you get into the routine. Vitamin D, which humans most commonly absorb from the sun, strengthens our bones, reduces mild depression, improves sleep quality, and can enhance the immune system. One of the most beneficial side effects of vitamin D is the improvement in brain function.


Scientific American recommends that humans get the ideal amount of vitamin D from being in the sun 15 to 30 minutes a day, 2 to 3 times per week. But keep in mind, this varies based on where you live, and how fair or dark your skin tone is. So even if you brought your lunch to work, take 15 minutes to sit outside and soak up the sun or take a walk around your office building. If you’re in the Arts District, stroll down to Klyde Warren and back.

4 | Exercise & Stretch

You’ve probably heard over and over again how important exercise and stretching is for your lifelong health. Not only is it important long term, but day-to-day it can increase your energy levels significantly. Now, we’re not saying you have to become a decathlon star, but something as small as a 20-minute walk at lunch will make a difference in your energy and happiness levels. The energizing chemicals in your brain, dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin, will increase during this walk, and it will lead to an overall more productive workday.


If you’re a TCC tenant and want to get a more intense work out in, head down to our fitness center where you’ll find a variety of equipment options to choose from.


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Stretching can also keep you alert and ward away pain that you may feel from sitting in a chair 8 hours a day. Not all stretches require you to stand up, but it is a great way to loosen stiff joints and regain focus to power through the final hours of the day. Combining a good stretch session (or two) with a short walk is sure to improve your daily efficiency.

5 | Take a Break

Through the busyness of daily life, a lot of us can forget to stop for a minute and breathe. If your job involves looking at a screen for prolonged periods of time, then take a break every 20 minutes and look at something far away from your desk for at least 20 seconds. It is not beneficial for your body or your vision to focus on your screen constantly for hours at a time.


It is also important to remain mindful and take a few moments to stop and breathe, in and out 4 to 5 times. Breathing deeply does more than just increase your stamina, it also improves your posture, strengthens your immune system, and relieves pain. It also supplies the brain with fresh oxygen and stimulates the nervous system. If you want the full effect, take a step outside or stand somewhere you get sunlight exposure to really boost your mood and stamina.

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Work days don’t have to be long and groggy if you start them right and continue to stimulate your brain and body throughout the day. These methods don’t take much out of your day, but they will make a world of difference in your productivity, mood, and motivation. You will be able to accomplish more in a day, and feel more satisfied at the end of each week. With a fitness center, ground-level retail, and restaurants, Trammell Crow Center makes it easier to carry out an effective and energetic day.