5 Books to Add to Your Workplace Summer Reading List

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Every year, people make Summer reading goals. The motivation varies. For some, it’s a matter of self-improvement—to read a little more than they did last year. For others, it’s enjoyment. For still others, it’s that need to learn more about a topic. Whatever your summer motivation is, finding a book that’s worth reading can be difficult. So we’ve simplified things for you by putting together a list of great Summer books specific to a variety of employees and businesses:

For the Rising Star Building Their Personal Brand:

61o9LOrpY1L.jpgThe Road to Recognition, by Seth Price and Barry Feldman


A good read for anyone looking to build a name for themselves in any industry, The Road to Recognition discusses ways to build your personal brand in the digital world. The book offers actionable, step-by-step ideas to help connect your digital identity across the web and become an influencer and thought leader in your industry. This is a succinct read for any up and comer looking to market themselves better online, or a high level executive looking to expand their reach in the digital world.


For the Entrepreneur or Startup Founder Struggling to Grow Their Business:

71thePUifrL.jpgGrit, by Angela Duckworth


I know what you’re thinking — This sounds like a Psychology book! How is it relevant to starting and growing a business? The truth of the matter is that psychology truly motivates everything we do, and greatly impacts whether a business soars or sinks. In Grit, Angela Duckworth combines a bit of science, a bit of data, and a bit of storytelling to offer great insights into how high achievers are able to find success..




For the Business Leader Looking to Rock the Industry:

41ZwbkKOSPL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgBuilding the Internet of Things, by Maciej Kranz


For many industries, the dominance of the digital world and the Internet of Things is an intimidating prospect. It also seems incredibly out of reach, relegated to the Googles and Apples of the world. The fact is that business is changing quickly, and many companies aren’t sure what the outlook is for their market in the next year, let alone the next five. Building the Internet of Things offers insights into the digital transformation of the world for the less digitally savvy. The book serves as a resource for the executive looking to make a name or transform an industry by leveraging changes in technology and thinking beyond current limitations. It offers ideas to transform your organization and improve your business model.




For the Personal Growth Guru:

41qaTu518gL.jpgInsight, by Tasha Eurich


We all know that one person in the office who is always looking to optimize themselves and their time, whether it’s through meditation, mid-day workouts, or wearing the same outfit everyday like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. This book is for that person. Insight offers research-supported  ideas with a few assessments to help you become more self-aware and find better success in life. More than just a feel-good self-help book, Insight forces the reader to address things in life that make them uncomfortable, and encourages the reader to overcome obstacles.





For the New Manager or Introverted Employee:

517rtAtrHzL._SX323_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgQuiet, by Susan Cain


Many people believe that business is an extrovert’s world, but it doesn’t have to be. The reality is that many people are introverted — and that’s probably a good thing. Susan Cain’s Quiet not only discusses the struggles and disadvantages of introverts in the world and workforce, but also why introverts are underestimated and undervalued. She shares valuable information on how to interact with and maximize the potential of introvert workers, while in turn empowering introverts to operate outside their comfort zone. An ideal read for all, this book could be especially powerful for a new supervisor or manager wanting to optimize his or her workforce.







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