10 Wines to Stock In Your Company Wine Locker



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At Trammell Crow Center, we’re gearing up for lobby-level renovations and creating a unique experience for our tenants. With a restaurant, fitness facility, car wash and detail, valet parking, and conference center available to our tenants, we anticipate a heightened work experience for everyone in the building.

Another feature we’re excited to bring to Trammell Crow Center will be company wine lockers located in the ground floor lounge area. Perfect for storing away a special bottle for your company’s big moments and achievements, we’ve compiled a list of our top choices for those well-deserved celebrations. Here are some great choices to keep for any occasion:



For Celebrating Your Latest Deal

01 | Moët & Chandon 1990 Dom Perignon Oenothèque ($300)

Nevermind the name recognition—Dom Perignon is the most well-known champagne for a reason, and 1990 was a great year for the region, despite a slight April frost. Ready to drink or good to age for a few more years, the 1990 vintage’s flavors have deepened into a nice medium- to full-bodied wine. The nose features hints of toast, oatmeal, and citrus while the flavor is very balanced, with citrus, berry, and coffee notes.  

02 | 2006 Le Petit Mouton ($255)

This cabernet-heavy blend from Mouton Rothschild has a nose of tobacco smoke and bitter dark chocolate, but don’t let that fool you. Rounded fruit, coconut, cappuccino and smooth, silky tannins bring this deeply balanced medium-bodied wine to a long dry finish. Great with a celebratory dinner, this wine offers a mature and complex quaff to be enjoyed with serious eats.


For The Promotion

03 | 2013 Dominus Estate ($280)

Located in Napa Valley, Dominus Estate is a beautifully aged wine drawing in people from all around the United States. This full-bodied cabernet is ripe and dense, and carries notes of cedar, blackberry, and currant. This wine will likely need a good decanting, but is a great ready-to-drink bottle to open with a celebratory lunch.

04 | Krug Grande Cuvee ($170)

If you’re in search of something a little more bubbly, Krug Grande Cuvee is worth a try. This brilliant blend features notes of lemon peel, white flower, pears, smoke and crushed rocks, and is overpowered with notes of honey and nuts on the long finish. Another perk? This bottle is easy to find at Total Wine.


For That Major Milestone

05 | 2012 Bryant Family Vineyards Cabernet ($700)

You have been promoting your business, gaining clients, working long hours, and you’ve finally reached your year-end goal. Celebrate the moment with Bryant Family Vineyards Cabernet from Napa Valley. Characterized by its blackberry and blueberry fruit, as well as white flowers and subtle oak. Full-bodied with lush tannins and a voluptuous texture, this is an easy drinker for you and your team.

06 | 2006 Claude Dugat Chapelle Chambertin ($600)

Claude Dugat is an impressive wine with a floral nose, black fruit, and a wonderful spice. The scent brings drinkers into the months of fall. The mouth is less overwhelming than the nose, but still delightful, leaving a slightly tannic twang and sense of crushed cherry. This wine is best enjoyed now with decanting, however, if you can put this wine to the side for a few years, you are likely to get an even more satisfying flavor. A perfect wine for that year-end goal.


For A Business Brunch

07 | 1997 Joh Jos. Prum Graacher Himmelreich Riesling ($55)

A good German riesling is the wine of Sommeliers for a reason, and the price is merely an added bonus. Often misunderstood as a “sweet wine,” Riesling faces a lot of criticism from the casual drinker, but allows great expression and complexity when done right. This mid-90’s vintage from Graach is a delicate balance of tea spice and petrol, with good acidity and light sweetness on an otherwise dry lingering finish.

08 | 2011 Pradeaux Bandol Rosé ($30)

Don’t let the price tag or the pink coloring fool you—Pradeaux Bandol Rosé is a fantastic bottle of wine that can be a simple go-to. Featuring earthy, savory notes and heavy minerality, this wine is perfect for a serious red wine drinker looking to give their palette a break on a warm sunny morning. The long finish and rich mouthfeel makes it a good wine to pair with food. Drink now while you can because this one won’t be available much longer.


For a Holiday Office Party

09 | 2009 Louis Roederer “Cristal” Brut Champagne ($200)

A still young champagne, this Louis Roeder already has a nice richness and balance making it a promising and impressive champagne for the next holiday office party. By giving it a little more time on the rack, you’ll notice notes of ripe fruit giving this wine a crisp, bright quality. As it matures, expect its aromas of white peach and acacia blossom, and flavors of poached apple and spun honey to become more intense.


10 | 2012 Eighty One by Justin ($150)

This full-bodied cabernet sauvignon was produced in limited quantities and has the ability to age gracefully, but can also be consumed shortly after purchasing. It is characterized by a ripe black fruit of cassis and cherry, and rich backing-spice barrel aroma. These are balanced by more savory aromas of cedar, anise, graphite, and dried tobacco leaf. Its taste grows softer with age, but it does not fall short of expectations if you land that client earlier than planned.


Enjoy the transition from day to night at Trammell Crow Center by making use of our tenant wine lockers after our renovations are complete. Make sure to hashtag #TanninsForTenants and share your celebration when you crack open a bottle, whatever the occasion may be!